The first thing people think when it comes to beating casinos is blackjack card counting. The reason is simple – card counting is everywhere in our culture. For example, a search on for books on “Blackjack Card Counting” returns nearly 200 titles. Even more amazing is a Google search for “Blackjack Card Counting” that returns more than 300,000 results.

There are at least four famous feature films, (21, Rain Man, The high-pitched four in Las Vegas, Hangover) where card counting occurs. Card counting is also shown in countless documentaries, magazine articles, blogs, forums and YouTube videos. If you don’t want to learn all this yourself, you can learn card counting with simulation software, through online or offline training or even by hiring a personal card counting trainer .

I’m here to tell you not to count cards in blackjack, Do not do it. If you want to beat casinos, there are easier, more profitable, and less obvious ways to do it. You can legally beat any game in the house. In this article I will give you the top 7 reasons why you should never count cards in blackjack.

These are the main reasons why you should never count cards;

It is difficult to learn

It is difficult to find a good game

It is difficult to really count cards in a casino

REASON NO. 1: It is difficult to learn

First you have to learn everything about the rule variations (things like “double after split”, “late surrender” and so on). Then you need to learn basic strategies for the game you will be playing. Basic strategy means that you have to memorize 250 different game decisions. After that, you need to learn a card counting system like Hi-Lo. Mastering card counting also includes learning to keep up with running counts and how to divide by fractions to get the true count. You need to learn at least 18 game indexes – numbers that tell you when to change your strategy. You will also need to learn how much to bet based on your bankroll, risk tolerance and count. Topics like “Kelly Betting” and “Risk of Ruin” become part of your curriculum. And so on! There is a LOT to learn.

REASON NO. 2: It is difficult to find a good game

Casinos know that card counters will try to beat their games. Casinos also recognize that they are in business to make a profit. For these reasons, you will likely find that most games have poor rules (such as “Blackjack pays 6-5″ or ” Dealer beats Soft 17 “). You can also place the cut card on 1.5 or even 2 decks from the end of the shoe so that counting is almost worthless. Rules like “no mid-shoe entry” make it impossible to count the shoe back (join game / shoe when the count gets high). As a result, you will probably spend a lot more time looking for good games than playing good games.


Now that you’ve mastered counting and found a decent game, you actually have to play it in a casino . That means coping with all the distractions you’ll encounter at the table. This includes loud background music, cigarette and cigar smoke, other players who are annoyed by you, the game master and the dealer who talks to you and everything else that is going on around you. If you lose the count, the rest of the shoe will be worthless to you. But the biggest challenge is that after all your hard work, you can’t play very long. As soon as the casino begins to suspect that you are a card counter, you will have to leave. Usually you have less than an hour of good game time.

Card Counting may seem like a nifty trick on the outside, but unless you’re willing to put in the elbow grease and risk your reputation, card counting may not be the strategy you want to learn. Happy playing!